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No-Li Releases Unique Barrel Aged Sour Cherry Beer in 22oz Bottles

For Immediate Release
November 18, 2014

Media Contact
Callet Ioane

No-Li Releases Unique Barrel Aged Sour Cherry Beer in 22oz Bottles
Van Lambert Barrel Aged Sour Cherry will hit Pacific Northwest Markets mid-December

Spokane, WA…No-Li Brewhouse continues to bring Spokane-Style innovation…


No-Li Releases Unique Small Batch Barrel-Aged Sour Cherry Beer

No-Li's Van Lambert Sour Cherry Ale 22-oz bottles will hit the Pacific Northwest Market in January


No-Li Brings Home More Medals From International Beer Competitions

Five new medals will now hang in the brewery courtesy of the Brussels Beer Challenge and Great International Beer & Cider Competition!


No-Li Takes Spokane-Style International and Brings Home Gold

No-Li Takes Spokane-Style International and Brings Home Gold

[Blackfill, Wrecking Ball, Aksel Images with Gold Medals]

Spokane, WA… Once again, No-Li Brewhouse proves that Spokane-Style truly knows no boundaries. A hand-picked selection of No-Li’s year-round, No Boundaries and Barrel Aged Series brews made the long trek to compete…


No-Li Teams Up with Oregon Fruit Products to Craft Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale

Two Small Pacific Northwest Companies Create Natural Partnership for New Craft Fruit Beer 4pk.


Brewer's Brewsing: Barley know much about malt?

Thus far, out of the main ingredients that are added to beer, yeast and hops (in part 1 and part 2) have been covered. It is time to get into the agricultural base of beer: Malted Barley. Sit back, relax, and enjoy that malt-based beverage probably already in your hand!


(s)Hop Talk: Meet Angela Moter, No-Li Kitchen Maven of Over 4 Years!

Angela is a member of our fantastic back of house staff that considers cooking a hobby rather than a job. One of the staple individuals of the No-Li team, Angela's been an important part of No-Li for over four years, crafting delicious Spokane-Style dishes with ease and finesse.



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