Where your beer's ingredients come from is important. We took that to heart when we requested federal approval for a new style of beer "Spokane Style." Spokane Style beers are brewed by Spokane residents, in Spokane, using ingredients sourced from within 300 miles of Spokane. In 2013, we received federal TTB approval for this new craft beer style.

What is Spokane-Style all about?

It's about supporting our local community, economy, environment and taking pride in where we're from.

Most of the world's hops are grown right here in our backyard; we have access to pure, refreshing water from the Rathdrum Aquifer, and our barley is sourced just north of us in Alberta, Canada.

We currently provide jobs to over 40 Spokane residents, and are creating more jobs each year with our growth. Our equipment is built by local company, Spokane Industries. Our ingredients come from local farms.

We lessen our environmental impact by tapping into and using local products for our beers.

And we've planted the craft beer flag in Spokane's soil; this is an up and coming craft beer culture that the world should know about, and we're going to make sure they hear about it! We're proud to be from where we were Born & Raised, in beautiful Spokane, USA.

Grab a beer and toast to a true "locally-made" product from the heart of beer country, the Inland Empire!