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No-Li Receives Federal Approval for New American Style of Beer: Spokane Style

April 11, 2013 at 10:47 AM

Happy Spring to all in No-Li land, wherever that may be!

We are stoked and honored to have received federal approval (no small feat) for the term and beer classification "Spokane Style"! Spokane Style beer must be brewed and packaged in Spokane by Spokane residents and use all ingredients exclusively to the region.

Said No-Li co-founder John Bryant: "The great thing about this approval is that it allows the swell of Spokane brew culture - that is currently exploding - to continue to grow and forge its own identity. We are right in the middle of a revolution in a new, fast-growing, and exciting beer culture. The best ingredients and people are right here in our own back yards, so let's showcase the best of what we have!"

"No-Li has already made a name for itself regionally, nationally, and internationally in the last year", said brewer and No-Li beer rep Bryan Utigard, "NOW, people will know where Spokane is, and new beer from No-Li and other awesome breweries that are popping up in Spokane will begin to permeate the consciousness of more and more discerning beer drinkers."

So just what is 'Spokane Style'? "Like the Matrix, no one can be told what Spokane Style is", said Bryant with a laugh, "but you must taste."

"When you pride yourself on using only the finest ingredients and the greatest attention to detail", said co-founder and Head Brewer Mark Irvin, "you know what Spokane Style is. You can taste it."

If you don't believe us, I recommend you grab a Silent Treatment Pale Ale and see what's different. A crisp, flavorful, hoppy and refreshing beer that is perfect for the season. What's so great about it? You tell me! Or - in my personal opinion - try a beer that's about to blow up and be very well known: Jet Star Imperial IPA. You won't regret it!

Many thanks to all of you, once again, from the No-Li crew. We couldn't do any of this without your awesome support!


- Andrew Hansen.

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